A Notebook One Pen and Me Q & A Form

Hey wonders!

We came back from camping a couple of days ago, if you’re still wondering. Thank you for 92 followers! I was thinking that as soon as we reach 100 followers, I’d celebrate with a Q & A. This means that you, the readers of this blog, can ask me any question and I will give an answer! All your questions and answers will be compiled in one post, and there will be a blogging party afterward where you can introduce yourself and your blog. Please let us know what you’ll bring to the “party”, if anything! 🙂

– Don’t ask me a REALLY personal question(for example age) or anything inappropriate. We want the Q & A to be an interesting read and a way to find new blogs.

– Please ask a minimum of 2 questions.

Although it’s early, I think it would be a good idea to start sending your questions in. To send your questions in, please click here. Thank you in advance if you submitted something.


saanvi sign-off2


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