I have many, many toys. I took pictures of my favorite ones! Read about them below:


Name: Squeaker

Type: Mouse

Size: 6 inches

Birthday: May 3

Personality: Squeaker is a funny and mischievous mouse who loves cheese! In fact, Bqueaker’s favorite food is cheese and he spends half his time gobbling a piece of cheese.


Name: Slick

Type: Fox

Size: 6 inches

Birthday: May 1

Personality:Slick is a sly fox who loves the forest. He hides under the wood and is a fast and playful fox. He is the most excited fox on the planet!


Name: Piggley

Type: Pig

Size: 6 inches

Birthday: March 8

Personality: Piggley likes to roll, hop, and play when all all her friends jump in the hay!


Name: Fantasia

Type: Unicorn

Size: 6 inches

Birthday: May 8


Name: Rabbi

Pronounced: Rah-bee

Size: N/A

Birthday: June 15(made that up)

Personality: Rabbi is a cute, pink bunny who loves necklaces and has many different interests, including singing and dancing. She is usually found reading a book or writing something.


Name: Korro

Pronounced: Ku-roo

Birthday: January 15

Size: N/A

Personality: Korro is a calm and honest bear. He will always try to do the right thing. He loves learning about geography and about the world. He has strong views on conserving the environment.


Name: Max

Size: N/A

Birthday: N/A

Personality: Max is small, yet strong. He loves learning about science and reading about bears. He loves cakes; in fact he has a sweet tooth for all types of chocolate; candies, chocolate chip cookies, cakes, especially red velvet with cream cheese frosting or chocolate cake, topped with caramel or vanilla. His favorite food is spaghetti. You’ll find him eating, sleeping, playing, or reading.



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