I’ve literally re-blogged guest posts today, but this is one of my poems that I wrote on my collaborative blog. It was one of the first posts that I’ve written for this website, and I’ve had a great time writing it. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for being so patient with me and my re-blogged posts! More posts coming soon…

The Writing Writers

I’ve been waiting,

waiting here by the candlelight,

for when you would come,

stars faded,

the moon shone brightly,

and yet I waited.

when it hit me

you would never return

if you wanted to,

you would have came long back

i still think

why did i waste my life for you

there was so much potential to me

and you slipped through my heart

only to break it later

i still remember those times we talked together and you smiled at my silliness

those days where the wind blew my hair and your eyes lingered on mine, for too long, too many times

do you remember this feeling

this dream?

Note: I don’t have any relationship with anyone. This poem was completely random, and I’m still young. Thanks to the admins for adding me; I hope all the other writers here don’t mind.

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~A Guest Post By Saanvi~

I did a guest post for Gracie! Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

A Light In The Darkness

Hey there, wonders. You are wonders of the world. Your value is almost always underestimated, but you do have a story. I am Saanvi, one such girl, with one blog: anotebookonepenandme.wordpress.com. I enjoy reading. I write. I sing. I dance. But most of all, I think. Dream. Imagine. Believe. That’s what you have to do to get through this birth. The words that have spilled out of my heart into this post describes a general story, full of sad events, but also good ones. My dears, I want you to always remember, there is always a light in the darkness.

Often,  this world is confusing. It makes me happy, sad, and angry all atthe same time, and sometimes I wonder why I am here. They say that I have a purpose in life, but somehow, even as the days unravel, it remains a mystery. This world is…

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Recommended Blogs- Part 2, Both Sides of the Equation

Hey there! So sorry for the double posting day today! Remember how I said I am offering blog recommendations? Today, we'll be reviewing the somewhat new, but still, awesome:     This is a blog started by Tanisha. Note from the author: Hi! I’m Tanisha, teenage anime enthusiast, Harry Potter fangirl, and as of now, blogger. … Continue reading Recommended Blogs- Part 2, Both Sides of the Equation