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Thanks for hanging around, and seeing my blog, my work, and learning about me! Are you stuck? Are you writing something and don’t get how to revise, begin, end, start, or come with ideas? Here I will share some of my tips and suggestions for problems like this. You are welcome to leave a comment at the bottom sharing what works for you!


Coming Up With Ideas

  1. In a few words, write your idea down in your writer’s notebook. Don’t know what that is? Check out this post on the old BlogSpot blog: A Writer’s Notebook. For example, if you have an idea for a non-fiction book(It could be any book or novel, this is an example), your idea might be:
Comparing two different animals, spider, bee
(List some similar things) Spiders work hard to weave webs and catch food
Bees work hard carrying one part of the nectar to the other part of the flower and then take some away for themselves
(List differences): Bees sting, some spiders bite if they are bothered
Title: The Spider and The Bee?
There! Now you have a basic idea! You have written it in your writer’s notebook!
2.  Use graphic organizers. You could also make a web. Many of you might have learned this at school. List the main idea in the middle circle. Then draw lines connecting other circles, and write details that support the main circle. Or, you could use a venn diagram if you are comparing things. Making a mountain(build up all parts  to a climax) is a good idea for a narrative, or you could use something different.
3. Write a list. The best way to come up with ideas sometimes is to write a list of your ideas and pick the best three. Now select your favorite of the two. Now think about which you think might be better than the second one, and all the other ideas in your list. There! You came up with an idea!
 4. Use personal experiences as inspiration. Lots of things come from our personal lives, we have experienced feelings, had fights, made friends, and read great stories. There may be some really unique things you have experienced, seen, or done. Use them as inspiration for your writing!
5. Use your surroundings and favorite movie, tv series, nature, etc. anything that inspires you. Enough said.
What I Do I Write About?
You have selected your idea, but you still don’t know if that’s what you should write about. Here is a list of ideas or prompts, as I like to call it to help you get started. Add on to each of the ideas, and make it your own!
1. An experience you’ve had you’ll always remember(It can be serious, but serious things like this don’t happen to me)
2. Animals that you have wondered about, and want to learn more about(For informational writing)
3. A silly thing that you or your siblings might have done, or a very smart thing that they do, or what you never knew about them(could be a collection of poems)
4. Do you want to be famous? What for? Write a story for something heroic you did, and what happened. (Imaginary story)
5. A big theme/idea interpreted into a novel or story
6. Something you have never done before what you want to do
7. What can’t happen, but you wish it would(Maybe this could be for an imaginary story)
Those are just 7 ideas! There are plenty more! If you’d like more writing prompts, please let me know in the comments with exactly what genre.
After you begin writing your first draft, choose some great sentences and start piecing them to make your writing piece. Revise, and cut things out that are unnecessary, add new things to make your writing better, change up some parts, mix sentences together; experiment with your piece!

Research Tips: Finding Reliable Sources & Getting The Correct Information About A Topic

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Extending Your Vocabulary- Vocabulary Lists

Use the vocabulary lists below to extend your word choice for writing!

The first vocabulary list will be published on June 26th, 2017 or June 27th, 2017 in  the United States time. Be sure to follow my blog and stay tuned on more writing tips, stories, essays, musings, and bookish content! ❤

Words of Wisdom- A Series started to keep you going if you are writing a novel

Oops. There’s only one post in the series. I’ve abandoned my novel because I was lazy and I felt overwhelmed. But, hey, maybe the post can be of use to you.

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I hope these tips have given you a pretty good idea for writing! I hope you’re not as stuck now. However, if you still have a question about some tips, leave them below. Make sure they are appropriate. Check out my rules page for more information @ this page: Code of Conduct- Rules To Follow On This Site & Copyright Information. Check out my About Me page to learn more about me and explore my other blogs and websites!
Thank you!
P.S. Feel free to ask for a model essay on a book, movie, or a prompt. Please note, however, that the essay models how to structure your response, and you should not copy the exact words in the essay. If you need an essay for school, use the essay to get a basic format. You are even permitted to take a few ideas, or tweak it to your liking. Do not use the exact words of my writing.

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