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I am a girl with dark brown eyes,  Saanvi.  I’m the user of words, and from my pen, ooze out my many ideas, I am a singer, my voice can blend together the colors of the wind. I feel as a bird soaring through the sky. I love dancing, no matter how hard my toes hurt and my belly aches. I believe that life is more than just work, I hope to make a difference. A change in the world. Through my writing and through humanity. I would love to be an actress; theater is my passion. I love traveling to magical places without leaving my seat.  Here, I’ll post poetry, short stories, ideas,  and other thoughts/fun quiz questions! Don’t be shy to say hi or leave me a suggestion in the comments; I invite you to join my world, sprinkled with a bit of pixie dust, a place of entertainment, where you can lose yourself. Enjoy my writings and ideas, and share yours. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!




~Idealist or Realist~

  • I never run out of awesome ideas.
  • I always try to judge the whole situation.
  • My art is usually from imagination.
  • I dream about realistic things over extreme luxury.
  • I write realistic fiction.

What am I???

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