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If you would like to reach me to do a guest post, blog feature, a collab, an interview/interview swap, or you need to ask for a model essay( see guidelines below) please reach me with the contact form below! I make the email option optional to respect your privacy, but in order to get back to you, I’ll require the information.


Disclaimer: No personal information will ever be sold to any third parties. After all, I’m just a girl!

                     If you are asking me for a model essay:

  • Please understand it is a MODEL. You can not use the exact words or copy my exact writing.
  • If you need a model essay for school, I can write it in a format. If I don’t know the format, you might need to explain. Or if I am running busy on my schedule, I will have to politely decline.
  • Please understand that I have a right to refuse any requests I cannot complete, cannot write or elaborate on, or on a topic that is inappropriate. I CAN write about sensitive topics ex. drugs but please, not too much drama.
  • I will NOT do ALL the work for your essay. The most I will do is give you an outline or write a paragraph or two to get YOU started.

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